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price: $60,000

Imported Lusitano from Portugal, FEI Prospect

Marquês - 2016 Imported grey gelding from Portugal. This classically built Lusitano is a powerful moving boy with potential for upper level dressage and working equitation. He will likely mature ... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Horseclicks

Ocala, FL, United States


price: $10,000

Flashy Bay Lusitano Gelding in Ocala FL

Hercules is a stunning pure bred Lusitano gelding with 4 high socks and a starstripesnip markings. He was started under saddle in the past but has not been ridden in a few years and needs a restart... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Equine Now

Ocala, FL, United States


price: $12,900

Sweet Lusitano Gelding Excellent Bloodlines in Ocala FL

Legend is a gorgeous 2014 dapple grey gelding with a kind soul. Stands just a hair under 16H with a handsome looking body. Legend is a very quiet laid back calm horse. He has accepted ground traini... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Equine Now

Ocala, FL, United States


price: $11,500

Elegant Silver Grey Lusitano Ready to Start Saddle Training

This stunning silvery grey Lusitano gelding is looking for someone to bond with and earn his trust. Standing at 16H tall he is barefoot nice conformation straight legs short strong back. He is read... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Equine Now

Ocala, FL, United States


price: $50,000

Coming Soon Spring 2020 Imported Bay Lusitano Dressage Gelding

COMING SOON... SPRING 2020 Eye catching athletic 16.0H imported Lusitano gelding with tremendous potential very expressive gaits with lots of animation and expression. He is very uphill collection ... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Equine Now

Ocala, FL, United States


price: $18,000

Tall Buckskin Lusitano Filly in Raleigh NC

DEM Amistosa 2014 Lusitano Buckskin mare located in Raleigh NC This tall burnished buckskin mare is outstanding quality ! She stands at 16.2H and is progressing nicely under saddle. She has some tr... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Equine Now

Raleigh, NC, United States


price: $25,000

Dynamic Lusitano Mare Rare Dazzling Palomino in Florida

LOCATED IN FLORIDA Presenting our exquisite rare palomino Lusitano young mare with exceptional athleticism and potential. Iluminada aka Lumi has so much to offer! Lumi has a certain effervescent sp... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Equine Now

Raleigh, NC, United States


price: $23,500

Outstanding Lusitano Gelding with Presence Size and Movement

Lancelot is a charismatic tall pure bred Lusitano greying gelding with FEI quality gaits. He is the total package beauty presence fabulous cadence and temperament. He is well mannered and adores pe... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Equine Now

Raleigh, NC, United States


price: $42,000

Ares Lusitano Gelding Jota Da Moita

Jota Da Moita known as Ares is a 452014 foal date gelding. A smoky black APSL gelding standing at 16hh. Three outstanding gaits naturally balanced with an uphill canter. He does best with confidenc... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Equine Now

Pinellas Park, FL, United States


price: $700

Crescendo de Magico

Crescendo is the horse that dreams are made of! His undeniable beauty athleticism brains and trainability make him a brilliant choice for your mare. His sire Mistral Do Top was successful in the hi... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Equine Now

Prophetstown, IL, United States

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More information on Lusitano

160px grey lusitano

The Lusitano is a Portuguese horse breed, closely related to the Spanish Andalusian horse. Both are sometimes called Iberian horses, as the breeds both developed on the Iberian peninsula, and until the 1960s they were considered one breed, under the Andalusian name. Horses were known to be present on the Iberian Peninsula as far back as 20,000 BC, and by 800 BC the region was renowned for its war horses. When the Muslims invaded Iberia in 711 AD, they brought Barb horses with them that were crossed with the native horses, developing a horse that became useful for war, dressage and bull fighting. In 1966, the Portuguese and Spanish stud books split, and the Portuguese strain of the Iberian horse was named the Lusitano, after the word Lusitania, the ancient Roman name for Portugal. There are three main breed lineages within the breed today, and characteristics differ slightly between each line. There is also the Alter Real strain of Lusitano, bred only at the Alter Real State Stud.

Lusitanos can be any solid color, although they are generally gray, bay or chestnut. Horses of the Alter Real strain are always bay. Members of the breed are of Baroque type, with convex facial profiles, heavy muscling, intelligent and willing natures, with agile and elevated movement. Originally bred for war, dressage and bullfighting, Lusitanos are still used today in the latter two. They have competed in several Olympics and World Equestrian Games as part of the Portuguese and Spanish dressage teams. They have also made a showing in driving competitions, with a Belgian team of Lusitanos winning multiple international titles. Members of the breed are still used in bloodless bullfighting today, where it is expected that neither horse or bull will be injured.

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