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Gorgeous National Show Horse Gelding

Cy is a year old . Arabian Saddlebred cross. He came to KY from California last year. I bought him not long after that. He has had full hunter training when he was in CA. Worked on fences to . He l... SEE MORE DETAILS found on Advertigo

Austin, TX, United States

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The National Show Horse, (NSH), originated as a cross between an American Saddlebred and an Arabian horse. It is now established as a separate breed, since the founding of a breed registry in August 1981. Registered animals today may be the offspring of registered NSH parents or may be a combination between an American Saddlebred, Arabian, and a National Show Horse. Non-NSH mares and stallions must be registered with their appropriate registries, and stallions who are Arabian or Saddlebred must additionally be nominated and approved by the NSHR board of directors. Although any combination of these three breeds may be used, as of December 1, 2009 there must be at least 50% Arabian blood in the horse to be registered, up to 99% Arabian blood (formerly 25% minimum Arabian blood was required for registry).

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